Goal Setting To Land Your Dream Job, Get Fit, and More

Louis Sheppard goal settingLouis J. Sheppard explains his goal setting approach that brings big success.  He writes:

It was a crazy-high number that finally did it. Three-hundred and fifty (350lbs). That was what my body from head to toe weighed when stepping onto my home scale. It got me scared. It got me thinking. It got me doing.

Scared. Think. Do. That was the action plan that would move me into a new lifestyle that I hoped would save my wife and kids from dealing with any medical issues that my heft would weigh down on them. And it was for me too. My family looks to me for support and guidance on so many levels and now I was facing my own challenge: how would I tip the scales in the other direction?

I headed to a web site that was replete with information on diet and exercise (bodybuilding.com). My wife (God bless her!) joined me on my new diet plan. Two weeks into our diet a close friend, Denny Chang, died of a sudden heart attack. He was 37. I was deeply affected by his death. I would be turning 40 soon and I realized that my weight increased my odds of a similar unexpected event. I kicked my diet into a higher gear.

Denny Chang, my friend who died, was hovering over my exercise equipment, cheering me on. Everyone called him Tis I call that voice on my weights the Tis Effect. He is my guide. I move so that he can live on in me. Healthy. For the last year, I have watched my body fat burn into muscle. I dropped over a hundred pounds (115lbs), and I am not stopping. I did my 1st bodybuilding show in November 2014 “The Idaho Cup” in honor of Tis.

I have finally found a voice in helping others. I truly believe that anyone can make changes by just committing to this formula: Scared. Think. Do. And follow through.

In this interview on goal setting:

  • Louis shares how he dug deep each day to stick with his goal.
  • He talks about moving from New York to Idaho and finding a new career through building business relationships.
  • He explains his approach to networking to land your dream job.

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There are 3 powerful techniques to accomplish any difficult goal:

  • Step 1- Use micro habits to beat procrastination.
  • Step 2- Overcome your brain’s bias to choose immediate comfort over long term well being by seeing your future results–now
  • Step 3- Don’t rely on willpower. Use affirmations to make your vision clear and ever present when willpower runs out.

Here’s how each step works.

Step 1- Use micro habits to beat procrastination.  Micro habits are the best way to get started and keep momentum going toward a big goal.  Whether it’s landing a new career, losing weight, getting in shape, or overcoming a bad habit; micro habits are the key.  Willpower is overrated and in limited supply.  

“A micro-habit is much like it sounds: it’s a small, simple action that doesn’t require much motivation, but will help you build up to a larger goal habit,” says Dan Albright.  

Goal AchievementExample–sticking to an exercise routine.  When it’s time to exercise, you should set a micro goal to simply change into your workout clothes and stretch for a few minutes.  That’s it.  So simple.  Of course, dressing for a workout won’t make you fit, but it will build up psychological momentum.  Your mind will realize that you might as well keep going now that you’ve started.  Procrastination is no longer a threat because the pressure of facing a long difficult workout is no longer there.  All you’re committing to is getting dressed and stretching a little.  After stretching, the first exercise I do is one I enjoy and am good at–the momentum builds.  I save my hardest exercises until I’m well into the workout and it’s now a waste of my time to stop–after all, I’m already sweating.  I get up to workout every day at 6am.  Many days I get up planning to stop after stretching, but I almost always keep going into my workout because, as humans, we like to go with the flow and follow momentum.  It’s harder to stop doing something than to start.  Use micro habits to get moving in the right direction so you beat procrastination and achieve your dreams.  

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