Bringing the Secret, Exclusive World of Angel Investing to You and I with Tatyana Gray

Tatyana GrayAngel Investing of Sun Valley, Idaho seeks to bring the little known world of Angel Investing to you and I.  She wants to bring the excitement of hands on investing and higher returns on investment to the broader market.  She explains, “There are close to 9 million accredited investors in the United States, but only about 3% of them are investing in startups.  Get her 10 Tips to Get Started Investing in Startups free when you subscribe to the podcast (below the play button).

This Idaho entrepreneur and Angel Investor started her American Dream in Russia where as a 16-year-old she wrote to American families in hope of gaining a sponsor to study in America.  Her dream became a reality as she was sponsored to study computer science in the U.S.  Upon graduation she worked as a computer programmer and then lawyer, before moving to Sun Valley, Idaho and discovering the world of angel investing.

Angel investing  has turned from a passion into a life’s mission

“My goal is to attract, educate, and empower young accredited investors to become active angel investors.”  This interview brings you her story and 3 year plan (explained below):

  • In 2015, she launched the Angel Investing Podcast to reach out to new and aspiring angel investors and to get them curious and interested in angel investing.
  • In 2016, she will launch an online video course that will lay a foundation for new angel investors to get started.
  • In 2017, Tatyana plans to launch and lead an equity crowdfunding sydicate (possibly via AngelList) through which the graduates of her online angel investing course and the listeners of her podcast will be able to make actual investments (alongside her and her colleagues in the angel investing and venture capital world).

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