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Ben DavidsonHear how the Idaho Leader Podcast came to be.  The idea came along the shore of a beautiful lake in the forests of Idaho as I dreamed of a way for my son to explore his goal to become a web developer and programmer.  Soon we became part owners in a shared lap top, enrolled in WordPress classes, met regularly for working lunches over sushi, and the rest is history.  The podcast has introduced us to amazing Idaho leaders and is helping him pursue his dream to earn money for studying computer science at MIT after high school.

I share some of my favorite quotes like:

  • “Knowledge is a commodity, but becoming a life long learner brings real value.”
  • “The future is as bright as your hope.”
  • “What does it mean to be a leader?  Showing people their natural talents and making others greater than they think they could ever become.”

I also share advice to college students and job seekers–don’t wait till you graduate to build your network, become a thought leader, or start your “real” career.  The internet has leveled the playing field.  Anyone can become an expert and start something amazing.  Internships at the Idaho Leader Podcast are helping college students obtain their dream job right now–as part-time as desired and from any location.  These interns will graduate with the title and experience employers are looking for in graduates.  I praise the work of local Idaho schools that teach classes like BYUI’s B100 class and BSU’s entrepreneurship program.  I talk about proper onboarding for interns to make the experience worthwhile.  I recommend the book, “Teach What You Know” and discuss flipping the classroom to make learning effective.

When asked, “are leaders born or made?”  I share the story of my first management job–call center sales with a $1M sales quota.  To deal with the pressure, I kept a bottle of antacid next to my PC and drank liberally from it all day long.  Although far in the past, those lessons taught me leadership, toughness, and compassion for the new leaders I mentor everyday.

This interview is guest hosted by Derek Leavitt, EpiFiction CEO. Listen to the interview by clicking the link below.

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