How to research Idaho Hot Jobs with Craig Shaul, Idaho DOL

Idaho Hot JobsCraig Shaul tells how to research Idaho Hot Jobs.  He explains how the Idaho Department of Labor forecasts job growth and which jobs will be in highest demand in the future.  From a failed family business to a degree at Boise State University to managing a team of analysts, Craig shares his ever present optimism about Idaho business.

As a Department of Labor Analyst Manager, Craig routinely reports on Idaho’s economy (
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Craig discusses Idaho Hot Jobs and tells his story

  • Idaho Hot Jobs report
  • A failed culinary business in Boise, Idaho
  • Why he enjoys traveling by car across Idaho to see the variety and beauty of Idaho’s landscape
  • His passion for history and Bonsai trees (and how they relate to the Idaho economy)
  • How to contact Craig on LinkedIn or via email:

Bio of Craig Shaul, Department of Labor Analyst Manager:

Research Analyst, Supervisor, for the Idaho Department of Labor.

Primary responsibilities: Supervise a team of labor economists for the state of Idaho, conduct statewide employment projections, and provide public information and insight through presentations and media interviews.

Experience in forecasting, policy analysis, research, data analysis, GIS analysis, budgeting, leading and managing a team of research and technical staff.

Completed Bachelor’s in Political Science in 2007, and Masters of Public Administration in 2011, both from Boise State University.

Interests and hobbies include traveling, studying history, reading, and bicycling.

Specialties: Research, public policy, data analysis, government, analysis, policy analysis, statistics, organizational development, budgeting, financial administration, supervising, managing and leading staff, Excel, Access, SQL, VBA, EVIEWS and Tableau.



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