3 keys to “narrow the gap” to success: Tim Dudley, Idaho speaker, doctor, leader

Tim Dudley

Tim Dudley, Idaho speaker, doctor, rodeo champion, and leader; shares his 3 keys for narrowing “the gap” to success.  He tells captivating stories of overcoming adversity–being cut from his college football team, flunking out of college, getting dumped by his girlfriend, and becoming a cowboy.  Tim traveled the west learning to ride a bucking horse and eventually becoming the College National Champion bareback rider.  What he learned from rodeo has become the foundation for his Narrow The Gap framework for success.  Listen to Tim share 3 keys to success:

  1. Commit fully
  2. Be your authentic self
  3. Dream big

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Podcast transcript (voice to text upload). Welcome to the Idaho Leader Podcast, where the most interesting and influential business professional share success stories challenges networking ideas and career tips from two different interview each week by subscribing at Idaho leader.com now let’s get to the show super excited to introduce our guest for today Tim Dudley, from where in Idaho are you joining us Hidden Springs Idaho just out past the dump I’m sitting here looking out its tactical good place to live is an entrepreneur is a doctor of former rodeo champ and Golden Glove boxer he’s a family man a keynote speaker and an event organizer trial there’s a lot going on in Tim’s world and I can’t wait to hear more you Tim but please tell us about your friends family interest in your business no one quote and I don’t know you know what kind of bland try if I got it from somewhere else it’s actually it’s in order to achieve what you’re capable of it’s directly proportional upon your return discomfort know when I look back at my life I have a tendency to get comfortable pretty easy and you know I have these Benny’s dream of the TV do great things but it’s easy to get comfortable so what I do one of the words that I live by is to you know embrace discomfort and I always try to you know it’s wrong alarm go off if I almost have to schedule discomfort I like that butt it’s very similar to one of my favorite I lean in to your fears and lean in to your fears of something that really resonated with me right after I graduated from college and I took my first job and draw management the range throughout all of Southern Idaho and I was selling wholesale that prepaid phones back when they were brand new Foreman unheard of company and had a huge million dollar sales quota and I kept a bottle of an acid next to my computer monitor and I would drink from it liberally throughout the day try. Everything that I had to get done and you know I had the experience to do it so all your fears is a great way to grow and I’m a firm believer in that too so let’s talk next about a challenge that you’ve overcome please tell us the story about what it taught you and how you overcame it equipment and I could fill that gap going to 4th after that weekend in my mind I knew that I had to narrow the gap from where I was, to where I was capable so now that I knew what I was capable of and now that I knew what it felt like trying to get on a horse now and not think in my mind hey I need to I need to narrow the gap I need to put my hand in a little bit further be scared to the rest of summer I try but I started to see that if I could do that and I can get the trailer of the gas that my results will get better all the summer of the summer was over you know I ended up getting bucked off I think 22 out of 24 horses that summer trial and the two that I stayed on my scores were so low that they offered me a free ride try and stay on not fall I ended up going back to college and I called her and I went to the rodeo director and ask him if I could walk on you know if I could walk onto that road yeah we need a bareback rider the first rodeo that I went to was it was a home rodeo meaning you know all your friends of trying here and that was kind of a in a little town but nobody you don’t know anybody or just drive now so nervous and I also more nervous cuz I was picked to ride a horse called stormy weather and she was she had a reputation to want to hurt Cowboys but she was beautiful she was majestic Tower muscular but she also like to what causes fighting this trying to know what she was doing in there if you wanted to kind of get you up against the bar so I got over her I was so nervous I can remember my tongue was compiled and I was in no mood to narrow the gap so I put my hand and maybe even a little less than what I normally did and then I looked up the side and I my friend Trevor Belmont horse you know when they were my teammates now they weren’t my competitors anymore and I looked across theory in and I could see my mom and my dad and my friends and some trial and at that moment and I said you know I’m going to narrow the gap today so I told her I want to stop is the technique the Darcy and showed me as far as I could so I narrow the gap for the first time all the way trying out of my head in there and that horse stormy weather she blew out of the shower about 6 feet in the air and at that point I looked down and I & I knew that if I can get my feet over her shoulders at my hand with you get blown right out and I am getting my feet set and my hand was solid I mean its all to the point that I’ve never felt before time times you know and after that third jump my hand was so solid that they die it was weird it was kind of one of those moments where time kind of flows down and I could see her mein kind of insulin and I could see snot matrix style I kid I kid I could hear the people in the crowd trying you know and for the rest of that ride it was just fun and I heard the buzzer and you know got back behind trials and what I and then I heard something that I’ve never heard it said a new leader 73 points Tim Dudley trying you know on that moment changed everything for me and I knew that when I narrow the gap a new trial happened so I had a reference point and I went to the rest of the road it was that year the rest of the college rodeos and the craziest thing happened I mean it wasn’t perfect I got hurt I got bucked off but I had a reference point I’m trying to commit to that but the results are D and I started going to rodeos instead of looking at 30 bareback riders I really only saw 3 or 4 they were my competition because I knew there was only three or four that were going to commit to that level try that you’re one on I got invited to go to the college National Finals Rodeo and ended up being the National College bareback champion that year try you know that that 18 month. Trial and started out so so bad really just started at the depth I thought everything was over but the things that I learned from the gap I was comfortable to wear I was capable I noticed there was four things that happened try another first one is I got results in it the second one is went from 35 and I recognize that you know I recognize that when I nearly got my competition decreased I also started to notice that as I started to get results trying to me people wanted to get my opinion people want to ask for my input and I became magnetic not in a way not in a weird way like oh he’s magnetic or trial or just conceded or something different and then the fourth thing that had a hundred have influenced you know I started to have people listen to me so I could if I can apply the principles that I used to narrow the gap has a bareback rider if I could apply and then other disciplines I want to see if that the same principles and apply them in school again and I went from having a .6 GPA to you know graduating at the doctor and I’ll try the same principles apply them to being a father and I realize it when you narrow the gap in one discipline of your life you can take the same principles and you can apply them in other areas and you can expect time for results in all the same for things to get results you have less competition and more magnetic and you have influence yeah they’re trying to that I love it now take us forward and talk about the trials that came later after you overcame this challenge big results but those results came at a price I was I was exhausted and put on 25 times I started to dread going into the office because it took so much energy and what I almost discovered by accident was that I just said I just try to forget it man I’m not going to do this anymore I can’t and I started to dis pictures of big told me to put up they wanted me to wear a tie. That didn’t feel right now. Off I started talking to my patience a little bit more like I would instead of a wood and something really crazy started to happen trying to started to grow and it started to grow almost immediately and what I found out this is I had a lot of energy when I totally just kind of let go and I brought my ascent trying talents to the equation I became more attracted to my patience I was using less trying way more effective so I learned at that point that that you can force results but it comes at a price but if you you know if you put your own spin on some of those trial balance you become way more attractive to others good wisdom it seems like a lot of what you teach is focused on being your authentic self is that correct something everything that’s going on right now I really didn’t think that I be doing at this point to give a shout out for a 5 star review that Brandon is the owner of ultra clean carpets out in the valley and also a solution I’ll give you a shout out on the next episode of the show 300 journals and I’ll just hire a new kind of stand out to me and so I can see at that point in my life you know that was an orange highlighter that I use and that’s worked out really well for me what is your favorite place to visit in Idaho the premises is Ryan are genius inside you know talks about there being the life that were living and then the unlived life tried and there’s a gap between those two and one of the things he talks about his resistance and how that when we are on the right track and when we’re really trying to make a difference for trial distance and it’s going to try and stop its going to make you doubt it’s going to can do everything that I can do to keep you from having an impact so I love that book cuz I feel resistance all the time yeah I’ve heard a lot about that but Rollins on my reading list because it comes so highly recommended casters here’s a fun bit tricky hi I’d like you to walk through for the Idaho liter community imagine you were to wake up tomorrow in a city in Idaho Boise but you knew no one you retain all your skills and experience that are a stranger to everyone what would you do to get connected to the Idaho business community trial within the next 30 days then.. Question I think what I would have to do is right away I would spend some time what’s called building my anthem for what an anthem is it’s like a tagline for your personality I want for your business and it consists of two words no the first word is an adjective and it describe everybody else and the second word would be a noun and complain how you’re better than everybody else at least two words what what they would do is there I’m kind of a Northstar they would give you a filter and I was I develop my own anthem I know that when I deliver my highest value I have an unorthodox Pro Charlie I’m different and approaches what I do best to this anthem there’s behavioral test called the Fascinate trying which is fairly new been out for about a year or so and I’m one of about 35 in the world that are authorized to teach how to build your anthem so when we have that anthem if we were to start what we could do is nowadays we only have about 9 seconds to connect with people you know it used to be there on the front porch and talk for 20 minutes but now we have to cut through and get there in about 9 seconds so when where why we’re on Howard different and what we do best and we can deliver that quickly air whether they want to work with us you’re not right away trial so what that is doing is that conserves are energy because we have a filter as to what we do best and people can decide whether they want to work with us or not that’s what I would do if I had to start right from scratch yeah developing that and wild antics el fin to come across as charismatic the other and the cool thing about two words rhyme with it excites us and when we’re able to really understand power different what we do best people can feel that you know people react with you better when where are when we’re delivering our highest value trial there’s just this kind of the subconscious part of that knows Ryan’s real play fascinating I’ve really enjoyed the Myers Briggs and the strengths finder and some other girl that help you explore your own talents but that this one sounds like it goes a little bit in a different direction and they’re not going to connect try why is that just test religiously every single person and when I found this new Texas fascination advantage it kind of makes the disc test look old and outdated its it does the same thing but I know much more it got so many more elements to it really probably one of the coolest things that I’ve discovered in the last couple years and now and in the events that I do we spend a half time building a building your anthem so was that test and we’ll go through building your anthem and and kiss from those rhyme words I’ve seen some of the biggest breakthrough with people when they hear those two words when they say those two words they just light up you know because the trial of a lot of people think they need when in reality you know you’re going to you’re going to have your most value when you’re yourself you know we can’t be like Mike we can emulate mind but we got to the are cells that’s another fascinating way to apply the symbol of the gap so the gap between your natural self and then who you try to be on the desk trial up there so it’s funded on movie imagery that you create in your story-telling that’s good what NFL football player in the NFL podcast episode so anyone personally he had a steward he had a stupid try I try to discover are defining moment and the thing that came to mind was when I failed first grade and I didn’t think it was that big but it ended up being a huge you know I kind of got emotional and it ended up being a time important thing for me too kind of right downTrying to talk about but both been a real big meant remind the last couple years you know he’s got such a desire to help people be better and the way that he I mean there’s just no better person and I think the Bowie so you know it’s somebody that I strive to drive to ambulate for sure you’re trying you there is it’s a very short podcast there about 5 minutes each that he does and they’re called the best of by boat Easton highly recommend it to anybody but one of the stories I know it’s something that really inspired me he tells about his father who used to wake him up every morning for sale by rubbing his back but it’s time to get up and he would say you’re the best bleepity bleep bleep in the world anymore be inspired me to create the other a lot I’m working on right now chief executive parent.com that I’ve talked a little bit about in Pryor shows just getting annoying but talks all about using these great human resources and leadership tools that I know it’s right over my business professional life and incorporating that was I’m to teacher leadership in to make a strong to try out that my children the tagline is a chief executive parents really dership tools brought home no parenting advice allowed so it’s kind of a fun new project but Bowie send it certainly one of the wild by heard that business there may be lacking in some of those advantages you can email me directly from my website sounds good can’t wait to see some pictures out there so we can hear about your business on the show we wish you the best


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  1. Tim,
    Thanks for the advice about creating an anthem using the Fascination Advantage assessment. It was fun to take and showed me that my styles are Mystique and Power. I’m a reserved leader whose charisma comes from knowledge, quiet confidence, and the ability to listen to and relate to others. The assessment helped me create my anthem, “benevolent samurai”, which speaks to my great respect for these ancient warriors who were strong mentally, physically, emotionally, and in their loyalty. To learn more I recommend visiting http://www.amannamedtim.com/build-your-anthem/. Enjoy!

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