Colter Bailey, Beating the Odds as an Emerging Idaho Leader

ColterBaileyHelping Idaho businesses grow–that’s the passion driving Boise entrepreneur Colter Bailey.  At only 21 years of age, he owns a growing social media company that started in October 2014.  Colter had been working with a local hip hop artist named Yung Verb for only a short time before realizing the artist needed a social media presence.  Colter started working on his fan page in October and grew likes from 900 to 10,000 real likes!  

The Idaho Leader Podcast took note and looked deeper at Colter’s success.  When asked how he began, Colter explains, “During that process [of helping Yung Verb], I had a lady by the name of Sunnie reach out to me and ask how much I charged for social media help. She saw the progress and the edge I gave Yung Verb and she wanted the same for her band. It was at that moment I realized what I was doing could be a business. The Vacationist became my first client and from there my business started to take off.  Eight months later I have over 10 clients consisting mainly of small business owners.”

Like other great Idaho entrepreneurs, Colter followed his passion and gave real value to others–allowing a business to be born.  He takes pride in his client’s’ growth.  Colter explains how IJL Financial, for example, “in the month of May 2015, had the best month in the entire history of their company with 20-30% of the loans they close coming from social media channels. They were originally in a small office inside a law firm. They are now upgrading into their own 1200 sq ft office in Nampa.”

After only a few weeks helping the Idaho Leader Podcast, Colter has grown Facebook engagement to 100X previous levels.  Colter’s success is another testament to the hard working, helpful, and giving work ethic that makes Idaho so great!



Author: Idaho Leader Podcast

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