Derek Leavitt, Boise, Idaho entrepreneur and startup investor

Derek Leavitt, Idaho entrepreneur and startup investorDerek Leavitt, Boise, Idaho entrepreneur and startup investor, shares his story.  From Melba, Idaho to the streets of India and back again, he shares a unique perspective gained from the world of high tech start ups, crowd funding, and business school at Oxford.  He runs two Idaho focused websites: and

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3 thoughts on “Derek Leavitt, Boise, Idaho entrepreneur and startup investor”

  1. This was a great interview and very insightful. As an aspiring entrepreneur, I’m excited to learn more about the shift from debt to equity financing for start-up organizations. Also, I couldn’t agree more…Idaho is a beautiful place!
    Thanks Ben & Derek!

  2. Thanks Matt! Maybe we should have Derek share more about equity crowd funding. I’d be curious to know how far this concept has been developed or if Derek and team are pioneers in the field. What questions does everyone have about raising equity through a crowd funding platform?

  3. Hey Ben and Matt… we’re definite pioneers in this space as result of a lot of early stage research I did at the University of Oxford for my MBA. The UK and Euro region are Global Leaders in this space and the USA is just starting to catch up! A rare shift in Silicone Valley history and an exciting one to look forward to… At this point, We’re processing flow, facilitating deals, and have fundraising(s) lined up for at least the next year. Happy to share inside info, answer questions, and pass along what I can to help build local communities!

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